Badass Queen #4: Laney Tim

Laney is one tough mf, she's been through so much and yet never fails to laugh and smile through it all. She'll cry and shrug it off and just like that, picks herself back up. Nothing stands in her way from what she wants and she fights for it. She works hard and never gives up and she got to NYC because the belief and strength in herself to know that she can do anything. 

1. Name/Nickname: Elynnie Tim, nickname Laney/lanes

2. Instagram: @lanezzzzz

3. Song that bolsters your self-confidence?: "Pretty" by Beyoncé 

4. Who do you aspire to be?: I aspire to be Oprah Winfrey, she's come a long way, her work early ethic is crazy, and the empire she built for herself is mind blowing. She has her own magazine, TV network, use to have her own show, and she's built schools in third world countries. How could you not want to be like her? She's worked extremely hard, invested her money wisely, and is consistently impacting the world in a positive way. 

5. Occupation: Public relations freelancer for Ralph Lauren

6. What motivates you when you're not inspired?: Thinking about my parents upbringing is what motivates me when I'm feeling uninspired. They've been through a lot. Survived a genocide, fled to Thailand and somehow was fortunate enough to get sponsored to the states. If they would've never escape I wouldn't be here. I would probably be one of the house maids in Cambodia or married off to a man I didn't love. I am extremely grateful for being able to just to go to school and drink clean water. Most girls my age in Cambodia are not even given a choice to go to school, or speak their opinion. So that's what inspires me when I'm not feeling it. That even though I'm going through a rough time, a better time will come, and I was very fortunate enough to experience the things I have.

7. What empowers you as a woman to push through every day obstacles?: Believing in myself, believing in my dreams, my grind and hustle is what empowers me to overcome daily obstacles. I didn't grow up as fortunate as the kids down the street. I have always worked hard and worked with what I got. You have to believe it's going to get better, that the sun is going to shine. As cliche as it sounds, it's true. You have to stay positive you have to keep pushing. Because feeling bad for yourself, or negative about something isn't going to change anything or make it better. It's just going to make you hate whatever happening to you worse. I am the queen of unfortunate events, but I have learned how to control my feelings, and how things or people should impact me. So what you can't buy a nice purse or a brand new pair of shoes right now, but you can one day if you make the sacrifices or changes to your lifestyle to get it. That's how I look at things; I don't pity myself, I push and push, because nobody is going to pick me up off the ground but myself when it comes down to it. You might be tired, you might be over it, but you should never stop believing in it. You gotta believe in this shit man. It's the real deal. Set dreams and achieve that shit, no excuses. 

8. Advice to young girls who want to be a leader?: My advice to give to young girls who want to be a leader is to always speak up, and never limit your dreams based off your gender. Anything is possible. 

9. What advice would you give yourself at a young age?: Honestly, just to love myself. I had a rough childhood and not the most pleasant upbringing. Love was most def a major element of life that I was missing. Growing up I always felt unwanted and weird. It wasn't until this year when I really learned to love myself. Loving yourself makes things in life much easier. 

10. Fave song?: "The Tao of Wu" by The Rza

11. A quote that inspires you:  "There's nothing more beautiful than a smile that struggles through tears."