Badass Queen #8: Amber Boykin

Amber is crazy ambitious, a creative genius and humble af. I love you Amber. <3

1. Name, nickname: Amber Boykin, Ambi.

2. Instagram: @ambiraelle

3. Song that bolsters your self-confidence: "Can't tell me nothing", by Kanye West.

4. Who do you aspire to be?: I aspire to be and know Myself as much as possible.

5. Occupation: Freelance Visual Communications Consultant, currently hired by the City of New Haven, CT.

6. What motivates you when you're not inspired?: Honestly anything creative or artistic. I love films specifically cinematography, I love art, music, also any and all spontaneous experiences.

7. What empowers you as a woman to push through every day obstacles?: My mom empowers me daily, she is the epitome of Super Woman. Her daily obstacles are different from mine, but with every obstacle that comes her way she manages to handle it with grace and efficiency; I try to handle every situation in my life like my mom.

8. Advice to young girls who want to be a leader?: Be yourself. It's easier for others to love and respect you once you love and respect yourself.

9. What advice would you give yourself at a young age?: Refer to question 8. Lol.

10. Fave book?: Looking for Alaska, by John Green.

11. A quote that inspires you to be amazing?: "You can live through anything, if magic made it."  - Kanye West