Badass Queen #10: Megan Gaurano

My older sister and talented/skilled contemporary hip-hop dancer, Megan is one hell of a badass biotch. She graduated from her dream school, UCSD, she's hilariously sarcastic and a honest writer on her blog, Befriending Murphy (which actually makes you laugh out loud and I have, don't worry, you will too). There is literally no one like my older sis, she's helped me with everything and anything, always a call away and never not supportive of me and her family. 

1. Name, nickname:

Megan, Megs

2. Instagram: 


3. Song that bolsters your self-confidence:

 I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Whitney Houston

4. Who do you aspire to be?:

I aspire to be me, but happy

 5. Occupation:

Warby Parker Advisor

6. What motivates you when you're not inspired?:

Watching interior design videos

7. What empowers you as a woman to push through every day obstacles?: 

Reading articles that give knowledge to me and others, about the alrwady existing empowerment of women. But making more aware of it. 

8. Advice to young girls who want to be a leader?: 

Just go for it.

9. What advice would you give yourself at a young age?: 

Don't think too much. 

10. Fave book?: 

Autobiographies of any comedian. 

11. A quote that inspires you to be amazing?:

"NTS: You good, you poppin."