Badass Queen #13: Daishu Washington

Daishu Washington is a serious gem. She's got a rad eye for style, crazy ambition and wildly creative. She's a transplant from Maryland and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. 


1. Name, Nickname:

Daishu Washington aka Dai-doo aka Daish aka Dai aka Dada aka aka ... lol


2. Social Media:



3. Occupation:

Visual Coordinator (temp edition) at Tommy Hilfiger


4. Song that bolsters your self-confidence?

hmmm, a tough-y but i'll have to say " Sunset " By The Internet ft. Yuna OH and By Design by Kid Cudi ft. Andre 3000


5. Who do you aspire to be?

Tracie Ellis Ross. An expressively carefree, intuitive, spunky, intellectual, positive beam of energy


6. What motivates you when you're not inspired?

MUSIC TO MY EARS + nature 


7. What empowers you as a woman to push through everyday obstacles?

That no matter how much I'm regarded or less regarded in society I must always take life by the lemons and juice it 'til you make Lemonade, lot's that is! Like the one your grandmother made, and their grandmother and then on. Because if I lived life worrying about how the world painted me as a woman, I'd lose site of what I actually offer to the world and what beauty that comes with it. That in itself is a more powerful demonstration than a failed attempt to halt or distract me from honing what makes me a woman, especially a black woman. PUSH THROUGH ALWAYS, SIS  


8. What advice would you give to girls who want to be leaders?

My advice, as I am still learning everyday, is to take responsibility and accountability for self to be what you want to represent because without that how can you blossom to tell the story of the known to the unknown? And to never doubt your capabilities, because no matter how many walks of life you've endured or lack thereof life is ever evolving and so are you! 


9. Who influences your creativity?

Life, music, experiences, my friends, the culture. No one particular person or thing, because one of life's most eminent attributes is its' variety; making it so hard to be confined to just one direction of influence. I appreciate it all. 


10. What projects are you currently working on or want to get started on?

I currently am in the works of doing an event production / directorial partnership with a friend of mines, and also just harnessing my own personal endeavors experimenting with art, culture, dance, and video... stay tuned! It can only go up from here...ALL THE WAY UP