Why I'm Never Going To Buy Tampons & Pads Ever Again

        During my menstrual cycle, I would almost always rush out of my house to catch the bus and while I'm on the bus thinking if I have everything in my bag, my heart would race as I had forgotten the most important things: my tampons. I would see the street names go by as I was getting farther and farther away from my place, already strategizing that I would ask my female coworkers for an extra pad or tampon to use for the whole day. Or spend seven dollars on tampons which I already had at home and it was the most annoying necessary need I had to get.... that is until my friend told me about the DivaCup.

        Actually, when I was watching this video of a young woman in NYC who tries living a life producing less trash, she mentioned that she uses a menstrual cup which you use for a year without buying a new one every month hence wasting less. To some, this is a novel idea as it was to me. I never heard of the word menstrual cup and was completely shocked, like, "What?!?! How do you not use anything else?" My mind was blown that there was a third option to absorbing our period blood more conveniently without spending so much every month. When I was young I wore pads, easy to slap on top of the underwear but so fucking large it's like wearing a diaper or a Depend. I would almost always feel self-conscious when I would wear skinny jeans or tight trousers for the fact that people could see the bulge coming out of my ass. I even have an humiliating experience, or several TBH, which involves a large pad and a new ballet school because I wasn't allowed to wear tampons (my mom is a hardcore Roman Catholic). I had to do a plie combination in front of all my new classmates and I bent over to reach down to my toes while keeping my legs straight and I could hear the beat of my pounding heart as the whole class was in silence. Even the teacher didn't say anything and sweat was dripping down my face and down my back, I felt the enormous pad protrude out of my pink tights and out of my black cotton body-con spaghetti strap leotard. That was the end of my pad days, I cried so hard to my mom. 

       I remember wearing tampons for the fist time and how amazing I thought my world had changed! Oh, how I was able to conquer the world again! I regained my confidence and I could wear anything! But later discovered how much they dried out my vagina and it irritated the hell out of it. Not fun, nope. There would be times where I was wearing shorts and the string of the tampon would be popping out! So embarrassing! I would interchange with pads and tampons frequently because of how comfortable or uncomfortable these two options were. I loved that you didn't have to change the pad so often when you went to the bathroom, well because I'm kind of lazy, but also loved that no one saw anything when I wore a tampon.

     So my friend told me about the DivaCup because I would complain about the tampon/pad situation all the time during my period. I didn't buy it right away because I was skeptical about it, it cost $34.99 at Whole Foods and I didn't want buyers remorse so I thought about it. So I contemplated hmm... spending $35 dollars ONCE saves you a lot for the whole year. I didn't have to buy a new one every month, it lasts up to one year and it's made of 100% silicone meaning no plastic or latex so its good for sensitive skin like mine. That isn't even the best news, if you are lazy like me you can leave it in for 12 hours, and you fucking cannnn! You know how bad that would be if you left in your tampon in for that long?? Horrible! You would catch toxic shock or whatever, but not with this thing! So, obviously I bought it and I'm actually wearing it right now. Here's the thing, every woman needs a menstrual cup, it's literally the easiest decision you need to make if not the most important decision in your whole life. I am CHANGED so changed I'm like "bringgg it ON period, come on show me whatcha got girl."

     Opening up my DivaCup it was actually bigger than I realized and was a bit afraid to push this up into my vagina, but like in any desperate situation I had to push this thing UP. I assumed it would hurt, but once it was inside, I hardly felt anything. The silicone is very smooth and easy to slide right in so I didn't have an issue except for folding the cup like a taco to get it in. First thought for many is if it will fall out, but the design of the cup and the design of our wonderful vaginas, it won't slip out. Of course, if you do leave it in for too long on your heaviest days, gravity will push it down and you'll notice that it's kind of popping out. On average, we don't bleed as much as we think and I was just as surprised after my heavy days that I wasn't really filling up the cup that much.  When I wear my DivaCup, it's as if my period isn't happening. I can sleep over at my partner's place without the weird pad spooning situation and I can go out drinking without a big tote.  

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A Quick Observation of Social Media in 2016

This has become the year of branding yourself. The year of selfies, the year of feminism and the year of self love. Social media influenced us and our environment. From the presidential election to the products we buy and where we buy it. I remember a time when Instagram just came out and people were truly interested in the artsy photos you took. Yes, that is still true today but the whole sociable aspect of it has changed, it's become a way to brand yourself, to make yourself extraordinarily unique.

1. Social media influenced us and our environment.

In what ways has social media influenced us? Let's talk about the recent political election, let's not pretend that some were so "involved" by sharing a video to promote their candidate of choice. Did it actually change a person's view? Did these videos help people change their whole perspective on a single person? I believe it's extremely hard to change one's mind these days through the resources that have come easily available to us but also aren't extremely reliable. 


2. The internet brings the future to the present and the present into the future. 

Kids these days are most likely up to if not more up to speed with young adults on political issues and pop-culture. The internet has helped these kids bring them on relevant topics and bring more self-awareness in themselves obviously and in their world. The internet also drives us all to the future, bringing all of us to make assumptions and forecasts for"what the next big thing is." 


Now wait wait.

I'm not speaking about everyone but to those that involve themselves in the Instagram world, and it is a whole type of world to get into, we've become branding machines. We love to associate ourselves with different brands that give off a perspective of how we want to be to others. Say a person associates themselves with Kanye, dress themselves in Off-White, Vetements, and owns a Kylie lip-kit. This person is seriously influenced by social media and these brands give this person a slight coolness to her and now has a streetwear aesthetic. Now we're placing people in boxes, different sections of class and dividing us into separate groups. We begin the think that we actually need these things to make us look like that or this. We start consuming and become loyal consumers. This is the year of advertising has successful integrated their brands to influence consumers through influencers, a leader who exemplifies the way we want to live and become through their perception they give off through social media. 

I'm starting to believe that consuming all these products to give off a perception of yourself is a little overwhelming. It is beautiful to see artistic work in fashion and photography but when influencers become advertisements it becomes overbearing and a  little fake. From the business aspect, it's genius, it is literally so genius. But it's almost like consumers have been so accustomed to this that we are so totally easily persuaded into these materialistic goods. I want to start living minimally, focusing on my career and saving for an actual future that is becoming so near. What I'm saying is that the more I observe social media it has evolved into a selling machine and has taken advantage of peoples online creative expression. Online creativity will always be there and I'm not saying it's gone, in fact its grown, but I think it's become a way for advertisements the soul reason to sneak up into our daily lives. It has and it always will, just find the light and strength to be influenced by things that will help yourself be a better person then rather consuming and hoarding shit you really don't need and care about. 



The Art of Feminism




  1. the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

    synonyms:the women's movement, the feminist movement, women's liberation, female emancipation, women's rights

    informalwomen's lib

    "a longtime advocate of feminism"


Kathy Bail's definition of feminism: "just women who don't want to be treated like shit."


Every so often you hear a person say they are a feminist and all to often there is an eye-roll or subtle shift in the room. There is usually a negative reaction and people tend to not want to associate themselves with that word, especially women. This word seems distasteful, women may brush this word off because it doesn't make them look cute or sexy. It's almost pathetic to hear someone explain to people why they don't relate to that word because they might be stereotyped. All these so-called forms of feminism are generalized defining the person who call themselves a feminist. Feminist are stereotyped as, but not limited to man-hater, queer, slutty, manly, hateful, angry, etc. There seems to be a notion that there is a right and wrong way to be a woman/feminist, another way to criticize women on how to behave and act. There are a ton of people focusing on what is a good feminist and a bad one but in reality there isn't one, we just exist. 

Let me be clear: a feminist doesn't have a definite description. There are misperceptions and ideals in which a feminist should be dressed a certain way, can't shave their legs, considered masculine; however, feminists embrace every party of their being here on earth. Constant criticism from the beginning of time leading up until now forms an interpretation of how woman should act in general. I know I've been repeating that but I can't emphasize it enough. Beauty standards keep defining women in general, just read the titles of popular magazines on magazine stands. It's ridiculous. 

Here is an excerpt from the book, "Bad Feminist" by Roxane Gay that made me clap my hands together and call out, YAS QUEEN YAS. 

"The thing is, I am not at all sure that feminism has ever suggested women can have it all. This notion of being able to have it all is always misattributed to feminism when really, it's human nature to want it all--to have cake and eat it too without necessarily focusing on how we can get there and how we can make 'having it all' possible for a wider range of people and not just the luck ones...poor feminism. So much responsibility keeps getting piled on the shoulders of a movement whose primary purpose is to achieve equality, in all realms, between men and women. I keep reading these articles and getting angry and tired because they suggest theres no way for women to ever get it right....the standard for the right way to be a woman and/or a feminist appears to be ever changing and unachievable." 

When a man says he is a feminist, he is praised. When a women says she's a feminist, she looks crazy. I don't blame you. I still get a little nervous when I pronounce that I am feminist. I hate being judged by others. I like shaving my armpits, I like make-up, I like glitter and flower tattoos. As I grow older I see myself not giving a fuck about what others think because these are my opinions, this is my life, this is my body and my way of living. I will forever call myself a feminist even if I'm a little shy about it and live how I shall as I define my feminism on my own terms. I want to be respected, I want to make choices about my own body without the law getting in the way, I want birth control for men, I want to be sexy without being objectified, I want to be paid the same amount as a man, I am a woman and I want to continue to love my womanhood without constant criticism of fault or error. 

I highly suggest reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, she said everything I couldn't and gave a voice to my opinions. She's black and fucking awesome giving a voice to POC. 

This is me trying to connect the photos and this thought piece together: Below are photos or stills from photographer Juno Calypso who proudly calls herself a feminist, she also uses herself as the model. She and Roxane Gay actually inspired me to write this thought piece. In an interview in Dazed Magazine she describes her work,

"Desire and disappointment recurs. In the new work, again we are seeing this woman alone in a room designed for two. She’s usually undressed, or dressed for seduction. So we don’t know if she’s waiting for somebody or if someone has just left, or if she is quite simply happily alone. I like to keep it deliberately ambiguous, but these two states play in contrast and are centered on this feeling of isolation, or loneliness."



Another great and proudly labeled feminist artist of our time and who inspired the brand Supreme in all ways, Barbara Kruger gives us all the feels of her work. Click here for more Kruger.