A Quick Observation of Social Media in 2016

This has become the year of branding yourself. The year of selfies, the year of feminism and the year of self love. Social media influenced us and our environment. From the presidential election to the products we buy and where we buy it. I remember a time when Instagram just came out and people were truly interested in the artsy photos you took. Yes, that is still true today but the whole sociable aspect of it has changed, it's become a way to brand yourself, to make yourself extraordinarily unique.

1. Social media influenced us and our environment.

In what ways has social media influenced us? Let's talk about the recent political election, let's not pretend that some were so "involved" by sharing a video to promote their candidate of choice. Did it actually change a person's view? Did these videos help people change their whole perspective on a single person? I believe it's extremely hard to change one's mind these days through the resources that have come easily available to us but also aren't extremely reliable. 


2. The internet brings the future to the present and the present into the future. 

Kids these days are most likely up to if not more up to speed with young adults on political issues and pop-culture. The internet has helped these kids bring them on relevant topics and bring more self-awareness in themselves obviously and in their world. The internet also drives us all to the future, bringing all of us to make assumptions and forecasts for"what the next big thing is." 


Now wait wait.

I'm not speaking about everyone but to those that involve themselves in the Instagram world, and it is a whole type of world to get into, we've become branding machines. We love to associate ourselves with different brands that give off a perspective of how we want to be to others. Say a person associates themselves with Kanye, dress themselves in Off-White, Vetements, and owns a Kylie lip-kit. This person is seriously influenced by social media and these brands give this person a slight coolness to her and now has a streetwear aesthetic. Now we're placing people in boxes, different sections of class and dividing us into separate groups. We begin the think that we actually need these things to make us look like that or this. We start consuming and become loyal consumers. This is the year of advertising has successful integrated their brands to influence consumers through influencers, a leader who exemplifies the way we want to live and become through their perception they give off through social media. 

I'm starting to believe that consuming all these products to give off a perception of yourself is a little overwhelming. It is beautiful to see artistic work in fashion and photography but when influencers become advertisements it becomes overbearing and a  little fake. From the business aspect, it's genius, it is literally so genius. But it's almost like consumers have been so accustomed to this that we are so totally easily persuaded into these materialistic goods. I want to start living minimally, focusing on my career and saving for an actual future that is becoming so near. What I'm saying is that the more I observe social media it has evolved into a selling machine and has taken advantage of peoples online creative expression. Online creativity will always be there and I'm not saying it's gone, in fact its grown, but I think it's become a way for advertisements the soul reason to sneak up into our daily lives. It has and it always will, just find the light and strength to be influenced by things that will help yourself be a better person then rather consuming and hoarding shit you really don't need and care about.