Ladies Aloud is a start-up that brings awesome women doing-things in San Diego together. Cat Canada is the founder and CEO that began this start-up company because she realized there are so many women entrepreneurs in San Diego. She thought, why not bring them together? She's been joining forces with so many women and hosting panels to discuss issues on fashion sustainability and conscious beauty products. It's bringing women of all ages together and I hope when this gets bigger that I see more Women of Color attend these events. Check out the photos below from the recent Ladies Aloud event on clean beauty at Saffron and Sage!


There's a really amazing underground art and music scene in San Diego thats hard to find if you know someone who knows someone. When you live in a highly stimulated over-populated metropolitan like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, etc. You could find the art and music scene pretty quickly, find parties and art shows just by heading to the right neighborhood. I've learned that San Diego, a tourist city without much clout in the art and fashion industry, has a bunch of innovated artists that are bringing the art community together and it's exciting to witness. I follow this videographer/photographer that attends all the dopest art and music underground shows in San Diego and constantly shares events for the upcoming week. 

I had the pleasure of attending one of these underground music shows in San Diego, at Studio M.I.F., a recording studio near Lemon Grove. Check out the photos below at their recent event called JNGL SZN. 


Mom's Birthday Destination: Los Angeles, CA

It was my mom's very special 60th birthday weekend and she planned it in Los Angeles, CA.


My family is already familiar with So-Cal, we live in San Diego and have family in Los Angeles. The reason why my mom chose Los Angeles is because she wanted to support a San Diego electric bike tour company that she loves that just opened up a location in Hollywood. They're called LA Fly Rides and I highly recommend to check them out when you are out there!

So my family and I drove 2 hours out to the destined Airbnb apartment in the heart of Downtown LA right next to the Staples Center and a block away from the college I graduated from, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. It was fun to poke around my old stomping grounds and to give a mini tour of what I knew to my family. As a fashion and portrait photography, I bring my Canon EOS 70D with my Sigma 24-50mm lens wherever I go (no matter how heavy it is) to keep hold of these precious moments with my beautiful mom and siblings.